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There is a lot of information about CBD in the media space today (Vogue, GQ UK, The Economist, Glamour, New York Times).
The obvious marketing, PR and lobbying behind some of the hype, CBD really does a lot of good. CBD is at present in various stages of trials in the treatment of some ailments that have defied medical science and has shown great promise. In some other cases, CBD is used now as a treatment therapy, and or supplement prescribed by doctors.
Although CBD has found use cases with a wide variety of ailments, several researchers have concluded that the effective treatment scope of CBD is yet to be defined.

So, what are the benefits of CBD and how can it help you?

CBD for pain relief CBD is a potent medication for the treatment of all forms of pain symptoms and pain ailments. Whether it is muscle pain from exercise or rheumatoid arthritis, CBD is able to relieve the user of the pain being felt.

When ingested or applied to the affected area, CBD reacts with the endocannabinoid in the body to offer instant relief from pain.

CBD for anxiety and sleep CBD helps to reduce anxiety. The substance tends to interact directly with your CB1 receptors, affecting your serotonin levels. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that’s majorly responsible for moods, and CBD is able to affect it positively to help improve your mood, reduce anxiety, fights depression and insomnia.

CBD unlike THC is slow to act and offers soothing relief from the pangs of mood swings, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Seizures One of the earliest medical use discoveries for CBD was its use in the treatment of very severe seizures in children and adults alike. Seizures are one of the most celebrated medical use cases for CBD.

Seizures are one of the conditions that defied conventional medical science. Many have attributed it to a neurological disorder but no one can say for sure, what causes it and how it is triggered. While research continues, CBD is offering individuals dealing with this condition relief from the trauma of seizures. A daily dose of CBD has shown remarkable results in reducing cases of severe seizures and in some a cessation of seizures entirely.
On this one, even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America) agrees. The FDA has licensed for sale the first CBD drug for use in the treatment and management of severe forms of seizures.

Cardiovascular Dysfunction CBD can help with heart problems. CBD is able to lower blood pressure by reducing anxiety and where there are inflammatory veins and blood vessels, CBD anti-inflammatory properties can help reverse inflammation.

Cancer Although this is still being debated by different authorities on the subject, research suggests that CBD may be able to reverse the growth of malignant tumours. Several individuals have reported significant reduction and relief with tumours after using CBD for an extended period.

This is article should not be considered as medical advice and shouldn’t be taken as such. If you have medical concerns, please visit your doctor.

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