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Everyone needs sleep. The impact a good night's rest has on the human body cannot be overstated. Sleep helps you to calm down and gives your body much needed physical and mental recovery.

Doctors agree that regular and restful sleep should be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are many who are deprived of this simple act of human nature. To them, sleep is a luxury they can’t afford.

CBD and sleep

Sleep deficiencies can affect everything from brain health and cognition to immune function and mental health. There are quite a number of sleep disorders, differentiated by fancy medical terms.

There are several medications your doctor can prescribe when you are having difficulty getting a night of good sleep. Many such medications have varying degrees of side effects and with some, you run the risk of developing an addiction.

Drowsiness, lethargy, and migraines are some of the side effects, you may have to deal with when you use regular prescription medication.

The effect CBD has on the brain and nervous system allows it to induce restful sleep for those with sleep disorders. A small dose of CBD at night time can soothe even the most restless disorder.

CBD as a phytocannabinoid (naturally occurring cannabinoids) enhances the function of the body’s endocannabinoids, allowing it to work at optimal levels, reducing stress and anxiety, setting in motion the process of good night sleep.

There are several ways CBD can be consumed for sleep. The same traditional methods would suffix, but from our findings, to get the best effect in quick time, these are the best ways to consume the substance;
  • Tinctures; This is one of the most common methods of using CBD. The process involves ingesting the substance by spraying the oil just under the tongue or using a dropper to do the same. With tinctures, CBD is able to get into the bloodstream quickly for immediate effect. Tinctures remain by far one of the quickest methods of absorbing CBD.
  • Vaping; Vaping allows the substance to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream as you puff on the smoke generated by the vaper. Depending on your skill and experience, a vape device would range from a vape pen to a vape mod. Vaping is ideal for those already used to smoking and it offers a healthier alternative to cigarettes.
  • Edibles; CBD tea falls under the edible’s category. The tea can be brewed like you would tea leaves but the effects are almost instantaneous. CBD tea is one of the new and innovative methods of consuming CBD and it appeals to a cross-section of individuals. While these are some of the quickest methods, the taste might not appeal to you. To individuals in this category, CBD edibles such as chocolates, gummies and many more are always great choices.

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About Emu Tea

Emu Tea is a 100% organically grown CBD tea, derived from high-quality CBD flowers and other botanical. Emu Tea is individually bagged and dosed at 10mg of CBD, 20mg of CBD, 50mg of CBD, 100mg of CBD or 150mg of CBD per teabag.

Emu Tea is a CBD infused tea that provides you with your daily required dosage of CBD. The unique difference of this consumption method is that it is easy to prepare and works just the same (although a much more quicker) as the regular methods. Unlike other products, Emu tea offers drinkers a natural, rich flavoured experience with unmatched quality.

Emu tea can be consumed at home, in the office or on the go and at any time of the day. Emu Tea is grown in Denmark with every batch independent tested to guarantee high quality and consistency every time.

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