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The world of CBD and cannabis is changing and evolving at lightning speed. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s never too late to start. The number of lives that CBD and cannabis are helping to improve and change should be reason enough to want to try it.

CBD, derived from cannabis is improving the healthy wellbeing of lots of individuals and is positively helping families dealing with some acute and chronic ailments.

Increasingly, researchers are finding new ways to use CBD and more treatment cases using CBD. CBD is gradually gaining the acclaimed status of the modern elixir of life even as its full treatment scope is yet to be identified.

The FDA (The US Food and Drug Administration) has now tested CBD for the first and are accelerating testing and regulation in the market.

Want to try CBD but have problems with its current form? Not to worry, the CBD product space is expanding. More and more new products are introduced to the market regularly. CBD products are designed to offer a soothing palate and a better way of consuming the substance.

Today, manufacturers have continued to explore ways to bring the product to more people in ways that are better acceptable. Until recently, CBD consumption was limited to vapes, tinctures (oils etc) and the occasional salves, but with the innovation in CBD edibles, more product types are being released on a daily basis.

CBD edibles are at the forefront of these innovations. A wide variety of CBD infused Candies, cakes, gums and beverages litter shelves across the US, UK (and now the world) introducing users to a whole new world. Retailers such as Boots, Holland and Barrett, to Abercrombie and Fitch are now selling CBD products.

While all of these available you the much-needed CBD, one product gives you a new lease of the CBD bug in ways that you have never experienced.

About Emu Tea

We biodynamically grow our CBD in Denmark and make all products ourselves with love and only natural ingredients. Every batch, independently lab-tested.

We want to provide an exceptional product for an unbeatable price. We only sell direct, we don't sell in retail or with third parties. This enables us to pass these savings directly to you.